Saturday, November 04, 2006

Very Nice Evening

I'll let the Sasquatch wax over in his blog about just how good the gig was last night. I'll just say - it was great.

In case you're not familiar with The Beautiful South, here's a little introduction - the video for their very first single (and one of their biggest UK chart hits) back in 1990. I love this one. These guys deserve a bigger following in the United States.

There's a BBC documentary about The Beautiful South out on YouTube, too. The band is remarkably popular in the UK. As the narrator in the documentary says, Paul Heaton & The Beautiful South have sold as many CDs in the UK as Noel Gallagher - people know Oasis in the U.S., but just about no one knows The Beautiful South. Yet, 1 in 5 homes in Britain has a copy of their greatest hits. That's quite something.

Doing my part to increase musical literacy. One blog entry at a time. ;-)

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