Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maybe his brackets aren't doing well

Stopped at the drive-up ATM for my bank on Connecticut Avenue coming into work today (after some super fun physical therapy, whoo!) A homeless-looking man passed directly in front of my car as I waited for my "Fast Cash" twenty to be dispensed.

Huh, I'll be darned - that homeless guy just came out of the bank, and he's putting stuff in a wallet.

Oh, wait. Wait. He's not homeless - he's just Tony Kornheiser.

When I see him on TV, Tony always looks awkward and somewhat disheveled in a suit. (He needs tonsorial assistance, too.) But in super casual, George Costanza-has-given-up-and-is-wearing-sweats-in-public clothes? Oh my. Worse. Just... not good...

Tony, if you're reading this - and this is just my opinion (and god knows I'm no fashion plate) - I think you could use a serious Queer Eye/What Not To Wear intervention with your casual wear, bubba.

No, I mean it. Seriously.

Maybe your fans can buy you a gift card to the GAP or, jeezus, even Old Navy.

Good luck, godspeed, and find yourself a good stylist.

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Anonymous said...

That man has the worst comb-over since Rudi Guilani! I can't even look at him.

As for his color commentary on Monday Night Football, ugh. Awful. He should stick to writing.

While we're talking Washington-area t.v. news celebs: I once saw Doreen Gentzler with her daughter on 19th and L Street one day. She was totally put together in a "I'm a mom and I'm hanging out with my daughter today" kind of way. Nothing too ostentatious, but she had the common sense not be wearing sweats in public!