Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bad drivers of the DC region: YOU SUCK!

I went out at lunchtime. I made the mistake of getting behind the wheel of my car.

And I got rear-ended.


Nice and hard.

But this time, at least, my car is okay. Scratches, dings, but that Taurus is a tank. My lower back and head, however? That all hurts like hell.

And I have tickets to Joe Jackson tonight. Last time I got hit? I was going to see Thomas Dolby.

(Apparently, some higher being has a wretched sense of humor and doesn't want me to see live music. I think I'm staying home from work when Crowded House comes to town...)

I have a bag of ice on my head. It's very attractive office attire.


Yours, in great discomfort,



Chuck said...

Oh no, not again!

Hope your concert is awesome, but please go see your doc ASAP for follow-up x-rays afterwards, OK?

E :) said...

Oh shit! I hope you are ok... And that you get to go to the concert! I can't believe this has happened to you again!

Anonymous said...

Jeez! That sucks :o(

Anonymous said...

Damn girl, this sucky shit needs to move on out of your life. I agree with chuck, get more x-rays because you might need to prove this jerk's insurance needs to add some $$ to your impending hospital bill.
I hope the body aches take a back seat tonight, so you can enjoy the concert.

gonzomantis said...

un real

I think this is rapidly becoming your new hobby. Well, I wish I could be there for this concert. I hope it was great. The last time I saw JJ was the Heaven and Hell tour.

Hang in there!


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Good God, Merujo! What are the chances?

Honestly, I think 99% of drivers in this area should be issued cars made of rubber so the 1% who are at least semi-decent, conscientious drivers will bounce right off the bastards when they hit us.

Was this one on a cell phone, too?

Sudiegirl said...

yowch...I hope that joe jackson had some magical healing power there.

Cyn said...

No freakin' way! Being a fellow tank driver, I'm at least reassured that the Taurus seems to have semi-protected you. You can't help but feel comforted by the huge metal cushion of trunk & hood between occupant and the outside (cell-phone-using) world.

By the way, the bag of ice is only properly accessorized by the foam neck brace. I've rocked that fashion statement myself, and let me tell you, it is stunning.

Hope you were still able to enjoy the show and aren't feeling too lousy today. And yeah, take that Crowded House concert day off, why don't ya?

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better by now.

I tell you, I've never wanted to live in the DC area, but any inkling or thought that I would ever consider it, has been put to bed by your experiences.

Get better.