Thursday, May 10, 2007

Defense Workers Have Needs, Too

My fellow Americans, witness your taxpayer dollars at work:

I just got a hit to my blog from someone searching for "celebrity slippage" from their account at "" Lookin' for boobage at work, eh?

I salute you, red-blooded, horny geek at the DoD Network Information Center in Ohio. I'm sorry I didn't actually have any celebrity boobies for you to ogle from your military work account. But you've got cojones for actually googling that at your particular place of work.

Oh wait. Dear lord - I do have one set of celebrity boobies out here - the drooptasm that is Babs Streisand sans support. My peeping-tom-green-army-guy blog reader may need to cleanse his eyes - and his imagination - with bleach after that.

Well, that's what you get for using my tax dollars to find titties online, ya pre-vert.

Smiling evilly,


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