Monday, September 03, 2007

Buyer's Remorse

I got my hair cut today -- not a drastic change in the back length, but layers cut throughout, to try to lighten the load on my noggin. Of course, my hair is dried out and frizzy from home hair color, and now... well... I have a halo of layered frizz.

I will get it under control. Tomorrow at work will come the unavoidable "did you get a perm?" questions (which are usually diplomatic, but thinly veiled attempts to say, "Dear God, holy shit, what did you do to your head?")

I'm actually happy to have my curls back -- the weight of my one-length hair had pulled them all out, and if I can find some product to keep the curls but leave the "finger in an electrical socket" fuzz behind, then I'll be happy. Right now, I'm all angsty.

I never used to be angsty about hair. Then again, my hair was about two inches long back during my non-angsty phase!

This, too, shall pass. I'll be at peace with the layers. Before it dried and poofed out, the stylist said -- and she was right -- that I had diva hair. The cut is gorgeous and frames my face. But walking around all day with a wet head, just to keep the diva-licious look... well, that ain't gonna cut it!

Off to try a handful of junk I have on the bathroom shelf. One of those elixirs should do the trick.

I hope!

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Chuck said...

They cut my hair a bit short last time, which can make it stick up. But, I don't have to get another haircut for an extra couple weeks, and it did look good once it grew out a little.