Saturday, September 22, 2007

What happens when idiots drive

...while using their cell phones:

I'm taking my headache and my back pain to the hospital now. More tomorrow. But just so you have the punchline -- the woman who plowed into me at full speed while I waited at a red light? She took off, not realizing I'd taken a cell phone photo of her license plate.


Yours from the stiff and sore zone,



Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Christ! Are you ok?!

Merujo said...

Oh, I hurt big time. Just got home from the ER at 5:20 a.m. Long day, long night. I have a painkiller/muscle relaxer cocktail, and I could barely get out of the car when I finally got home. I'm going to bed now - doc told me I will not want to move at all by the time I wake up. Ugh!!!

Cyn said...

How to put it politely...? This SUCKS.

We had a similar situation about 10 years ago -- the guy who rear-ended us pulled over, but then drove away without giving his info. R chased his car long enough to get the license # and later that afternoon the police paid a little visit to the offender's house.

I was sitting in the back seat next to our (then) infant daughter and ended up with neck problems and TMJ/headaches that persist to this day. I tell you this not to be negative, but so you will not make the mistake I did, which was to settle with the insurance company before I realized the potential for duration of the problem.

Anyway, so sorry to hear about this. (I had a dream about being rear-ended last night btw. Were you sending out psychic messages to us all from the emergency room?)

EASTDub said...

I suggest you post her lic#...we can help track the beeyotch down.

Merujo said...

The crappiest thing about this is now I'm not sure if I'll have my car back in time to drive up for Spencer and Kristen's wedding! :(

Much irritation. Much, much irritation.

E :) said...

Gosh! I hope you're ok!

Good on you for taking a photo of her plate. I hope she is in big trouble.

ANI said...

I am so sorry for you - I've been rear-ended 3 times in the last 12 months, none seriously, but one was a hit-and-run in the same vein, and I memorized the bastard's plate...which helped tremendously. I hope you are doing OK.

wadcorp said...

Well, creeping crud! (By the way, Merujo, hope you are getting over the creeping crud).

If anyone deserved a break, it's you.

Too many "incidents" in a row. Isn't bad stuff limited to three?

Sending good vibes your way.

Dr. W