Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Amazing Race: Family Edition

I prefer the two-person teams. Sorry, families of America.

There's something inherently unequal about teams that have four adults and teams that have two adults and two small children. I see problems ahead when stress levels really start to rise.

While I haven't developed any favorites yet, I do have some folks I'll look forward to seeing eliminated:

1. The Paolo family from NYC screams at each other all the time. They're gonna be oh-so-great representatives of the United States once the teams hit foreign soil. They give me a headache every single time they're on screen.
2. The Schroeders from New Orleans. Dad is an aggressive, Type A ass and describes himself as "arrogant." Nice. Caught in New York City traffic, he says, "Boy, I wish there were some handicapped children we could throw out into the street to slow everybody down." Ass. I feel sorry for his kids. His wife seems to find his obnoxiousness cute. (Probably because he's an architect and makes big bucks.) Ugh.
3. The family of squealers. Can't remember their surname. The women all squeal like pigs in an abattoir. They're the ones who knocked the display over in the sporting goods store.

Well, we'll see how well the kids handle the stress. I think it's a lot to put on small people. But then again, that's just me, and I wasn't raised by screaming, Type A go-getters.

At least Jonathan and Victoria aren't out there this time around. Thank you, God.

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suze said...

we just watched the first episode tonight. i agree with ALL of your wishes for quick elimination.

especially the family from NYC.

and the sisters. dear GOD, i thought Phil was going to lose it at their antics....