Saturday, September 03, 2005

Next on CNN: Plague of Frogs Ravages Utah!

Well, fuck. Chief Justice Rehnquist died today, bringing to a close Our Big Ugly Week in American HellTM.

Now, the president gets another opportunity to make a brilliantly stupid decision that will affect us for decades to come! As if sitting on his hands and staring slack jawed for a while as New Orleans floundered wasn't enough...

Get ready for many of your personal freedoms to eeeeeerode, kiddies!!! Yee-haw!

Is Fiji accepting American refugees? I can learn Fijian...


bea said...

i don't know if Fiji will acept you but here in Canada you're always welcome, and i guess you'll be close enough in case you want to go back. i know it's hard Melissa, i can feel your frustration, but do not give up what belongs to you.


Anonymous said...

Come on, you're being a little hard on GW aren't you? Everyone needs a little down time to ease back into work after vacation.

Seriously though, the fact that Roberts is hated equally by the left and right tells me that he might just be okay as a Supreme. And it's never who the judges are anyway -- it's who their law clerks are. Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm glad I don't live in utah. I don't have anything against frogs -- just frogs in great numbers.