Wednesday, April 12, 2006

When Sweeps Attack!

The ad NBC is running for upcoming episodes of the show "Medium" makes me giggle. Shall I quote? (Invoke a great gravelly voiceover voice for this):

"Next week, Allison faces her greatest challenge: AN EVIL MEDIUM!"

(Dear lord.)

"And soon, Molly Ringwald... and Kelsey Grammer as... THE ANGEL OF DEATH!"


Holy crap! That's not jumping the shark, that's saddling it and riding it through hoops of fire. Sweeps - what a panderfest!


Claire said...

That promo makes me cringe too, but the show is generally quite good.

Spencer said...

Question - the term "Jumping the Shark" implies that some sort of air has been achieved - I'm thinking Medium is a little young to have already jumped the shark already.

What is it when a series is born with the shark already jumped - Joanie loves Chaci'd?

caseystay said...

Don't mess with my show, Merujo!!! Go pick on According to Jim or the million iterations of Survivor. If I have to, I'll come down the hall and learn ye a lesson about all things Medium! ;-)

suze said...

i find NBC to be rather over-exciatatory in their show promos in general. God help us all when it's sweeps!

Keith near Denver said...
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Keith near Denver said...

I'd have to say Medium Jumped the Shark when they had the 3-D episode.