Friday, October 13, 2006


I guess I'll be calling the retina guy tomorrow morning - if not sooner. The eye is getting progressively worse tonight. Dudes, this is freaking me out.

And the big black "puddle" floating in the back of my vision is making me seasick everytime I move my eye just a little bit.

Double-plus ungood.


spocko said...

Take care my friend. I'm sending you healing thoughts and prayers.


radiocynic said...

Sending you all good thoughts from here, too, of course.

Hell yeah call the retina guy. I would have hoped that retina guys would be somewhat more available than having to wait 'til the next morning. You have the right to extremely detailed guidance with these treatments, especially when you're experiencing the side effects they told you to watch for.

You have the right to freak out, too, of course, but please don't let it overtake your usual level-headedness in making sure they're giving you the best possible care.

Scholiast said...

Retina guy'd better have some good ideas about this - it's not good this way!