Saturday, January 05, 2008

Eastbound Side's Comin' Atcha!

Spencer found this for me - more Dance Party Friday from Local 12 News in Cincinnati! This time, there's a little Russian holiday flavor:

I love these guys!

I foresee more of this, so I've actually created a "Dance Party Friday" tag (as have, likely, a ton of other folks online.) Yeah, I'm not really writing much right now, but I'm sick and on vacation, and these guys are amusing the hell out of me!


Heather Meadows said...

hahaha :D

radiocynic said...

Well, gee, this is kind of embarrassing. (I'm too tired to figure out if this person works for the same company as I do, or our competition, but it's pretty embarrassing either way!)

I might add that REAL traffic reporters -- (in other words, ones on the radio, not TV!) -- do not dance... or if we do, you're not subjected to seeing it; perhaps only hearing the clomping.