Sunday, January 27, 2008

Looking for a beautiful and unique Valentine's Day gift?

I've mentioned my friend Lunesse and her cool business Juiceglass out here before - she creates artisan glass beads and beautiful jewelry. Right now, she has this gorgeous set of beads up for auction on

Isn't that cool? I totally dig the big, juicy heart pendant at the center of this set of swirly, spacey beads. I could totally see this on a silver chain or a silk cord. I hope somebody snaps these babies up and turns them into a killer Valentine's Day gift. Heck, if I had the cash, I'd bid on them myself. (After all, a girl's gotta get her own VD swag when there's no one around to do it for her!!)

A box of Godiva lasts just a short time, folks. Art is forever.

This has been a public service announcement from the Committee to Remind You to Get Your Girlfriend/Spouse/Sister/Mom/Yourself Something Cool This Year.

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