Thursday, January 31, 2008

Note to the people at my old Job X

I know this will be hard for some of you to believe, but amazingly I wasn't responsible for this.

Of course, I imagine someone over at Job X still might figure out a way to connect me to it, despite me not being an unhinged, axe-wielding young black guy in Minnesota. (Just like I wasn't an unhinged, axe-wielding young white guy in England back in 2005...)

A couple of people over there come to my blog every day, for what it's worth. I have their IP address labeled on StatCounter, so it pops up in big bold letters each time a Job X'er drops by. (Actually, I don't even really have to label it -- it shows up with the federal agency ID and the specific bureau ID, too - it's pretty easy to figure it out.) Every day, every day. That's your tax dollars at work, my fellow Americans! One of them, though, never just comes to the blog directly - it's always through a Yahoo search. After almost three years, you'd think they'd be able to just type in the URL. But that's just me.

So, since you're still reading, why not leave a comment? I'm curious why you're interested in reading what I'm writing.

You guys sure as hell had no interest in me during eight horrific months of financially devastating unemployment after I was removed from the office we shared. For no good, decent, sane reason.

Man up.

Leave a comment.

After all, you are reading this on time paid by my tax dollars. The least you can do is acknowledge that.

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