Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Proud Moment for Moline, Illinois

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm from Moline, Illinois, self-proclaimed "Farm Implement Capital of the World." One of my colleagues forgot that slogan the other day and said to me, "Isn't Moline's motto 'It could be worse?'" Yikes! I love Moline. I just don't think I'm destined to live there ever again. But now, I think my colleague's version of our slogan might be more apt:

People in Moline are now seeing the Virgin Mary in the I-74 bridge over the Rock River.


The location of this latest foolishness is, more or less, a 2-mile straight shot from the house where I grew up. Just past South Park Mall, right before you get to the airport. If the Virgin is still hanging around when I next go home, I'll be sure to tell you.

Of course, Moline isn't exactly a hoppin' hot spot. By the time I next get back there, the Virgin may have moved from the bridge down to the riverboat casinos in Rock Island or Davenport. Just look for the pious woman in the robes and halo, with a bucket full of nickels in one hand and a complimentary cocktail in the other. (I would make a joke about her being familiar with watered down cocktails, after that whole water-into-wine thing with her kid, but that might be pushing the good taste meter into the red...)

Maybe will try to buy the bridge. They can add it to their collection, along with that decrepit Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich.

Thanks to Fark for this embarassing hometown moment.


Claire said...

There's plenty to say, but I'm going to stick with, 'yea, farm implements!'

I went to a home expo/show thing yesterday and there was a dark orange backhoe in one booth that I would love to have...if I had some serious acreage. Not too big, not too small- looked perfect for some hefty messing around.

Reya Mellicker said...

I remember when people in San Francisco saw the Virgin in a bad paint job on a house in the Mission. I tried to see her in that Rorshach blob, but couldn't make her out.

Perhaps this is revealing too much about my odd nature, but I always think it's a good sign when people see the Virgin Mary - whether it's on a bridge or a badly painted house, or a piece of toast (remember reading that somewhere).

It's a reflection of what's going on inside these people - they are connecting with the divine in such a profound way as to actually "see" her in the external world. I wish I could do that, I really do.

The bridge seems like a great symbol, too, briding the divine and the mundane, maybe.

Yay Moline!

suze said...

apparently she's popped up in mexico, maine as well...

Loracs said...

Maybe she's on a Virgin Mary -The Riverboat Tour - next stop the casino's in Joliet, IL (my hometown).

Just another person who'll join you in the burning hereafter!

Loracs said...

I don't check my Blogger very often, I just saw your post. I really only got it so I can make comments in your blog. I spend most of my blogging time on LJ and I'm also loracs there.

Sudiegirl said...

My aunt never tells me ANYTHING...I can't believe I missed this!