Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ripped from the headlines

Well, not exactly. More like ripped from my trousers.

I got hit by a car this morning. Not incredibly hard, fortunately, but hard enough to knock me down, tear my pants, and give me a handful of marks that I imagine will be big ol' bruises by this afternoon. I anticipate some quality ibuprofen time tonight. (Update at 9 p.m.: oh hell yes, I am a big bruise - swollen, sore, and slow-moving. My left leg has these huge purple/red welts and my right wrist hurts like a sonufabitch.)

A chick in in a bronze-colored Murano backed into me as I was walking to work from my parking garage. Apparently she'd changed her mind about where she wanted to park, which would have been fine had she been paying attention and had not been on her damn cell phone. She just hit the gas and then whacked me with the back passenger side of her car. As I went down, I grabbed her rear window windshield wiper.

She no longer has a rear window windshield wiper.

I don't feel too bad about that.

The best part? She never got off the phone, even after she hit me. She got out of the SUV, phone still up to her ear and said, "You alright?"

I have her information. I've called the police. I have witnesses.

And she's an idiot.

People - if you use your cell phone in the car without a hands-free option, here's my message to you: DON'T DO IT. This chickie wasn't paying attention, and I got smacked flat on my back. If she'd hit me any harder, I think I'd be in the hospital tonight. I was lucky. Fortunately, she only caught me with the corner of her car, and I have a big rump to cushion a fall. (Although, I also have a bad back, so we'll see how that goes.)

I had not planned on sitting in my locked office at 9:30 a.m., sans pantalon, patching up my trousers with a borrowed sewing kit.

Of course, no one plans on being struck by an idiot at 9 in the morning. But I'm proof it happens.


suze said...

ow! :(

hope your back and your bruises aren't too bad. and to the stupid lady on the cell phone. If you fucking hit someone, HANG UP you dumb ass...

Janet Kincaid said...

Ouch! I've been on the receiving end of a moving SUV before and it's not fun.

And I'm sure when Murano Marauder Madam asked if you were all right, it wasn't with care and concern in her voice, but more like, "Are you okay, because you are so inconveniencing me."

Cell phones and cars used simultaneously should be completely outlawed. Or, people who choose to use them should be issued rubber cars so that those of us are are conscientious don't get hurt by those who aren't.

Hope there aren't too many bruises and residual pain.

Mary A Brown said...

Queen of the Quad Cities, I am so sorry to hear this. I hope your back doesn't suffer as a result. Why is it that people think that it's okay to treat others badly?!
Hey maybe you'll start a work trend - no pants day! Mmm, maybe not...

Claire said...

Dude, people suck. By all means avail yourself of medical attention at her car insurance's expense if you need it!

Claire said...

and if you go for pain& suffering, be sure to include the cost of your pants.

Loracs said...

I once came almost close to hitting someone - they put their hand out and just barely touched the front of my van. I threw the van into park and jumped out, apologizing and feeling just terrible that I almost hit someone. I had nightmares where I hit someone and their body went flying in the air for over a week.

How can someone actually knock a person over and barely give spit about them? Glad you only tore your pants and I hope any of the aches go away very quickly. Ibuprofen rocks for these kinds of pain.

She's lucky all you tore off was a windshield wiper. I would have wanted to tear HER a new a**hole for her total lack of conern for another persons life/health!