Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wait - there's more!

I've just received some more unsolicited luvvvv via MySpace!

This one came in under the title: "hello beatiful" (I sure I hope I'm not "beatiful" unless that means I dig the English Beat...) And, I quote, in it's glorious entirety:

"hello how are you doing hope yoou are doing great over there.........i saw you pixs it was ince and it impress t chat......."

Why, no. I do not "care t chat." But thank you, anyway. My pixs are always "ince." I work hard to achieve "ince."

Oy vey.

This next gem, titled "hello sweetie" comes from a man named Isaac, who I hope is not your ship's bartender:

"Hey sweetie how are u doing am !(Cheesy Nickname withheld by Merujo)! by name am from new jessy i am a divorce single man with two 1 ....also am working as a international business man i do travel alot to buy and sell electronics such as laptop,computer,Automotives i was surfing through the site and i went through your profile and it was so interesting and attractive to me so i will like to chat with u to know more about u and also to have things in common with u !!!!!(Weird cheesy nickname again withheld by Merujo, although it probably doesn't matter, considering the strange run-on James Joycian nature of this e-mail)....... I have recently divorced after 3 years of separation. I am having a grate time being on my own with my 1 sun for the first time ever (meaning not under my parent's roof or in my spouse), and I'm loving it! Yeah, there are challenges, but I just love the freedom and the self-confidence I have gained as a result of l!!! hopec all is okay by me to drop my pen i will love to here back from is my yahoo iM..." (frankly, at this point, I should just give you his IM addy, so you can all see if he's this hyper for everyone else, too, but I'll play nice...)

Wow! I was born in "new jessy"!!! And I'm really glad that Isaac is no longer living IN his ex-spouse. That's probably best for them both.

And the hits just keep comin' and comin' folks!

If there is a fairly normal, straight single guy out there who uses spellcheck, I'm the woman least likely to encounter him...


Loracs said...

I've looked at myspace a few times and I vacillate between horror and amusement at their posts. It should be called

Merujo said...

Brilliant! There's a young filmmaker who has a piece out on where he mocks the living daylights out of MySpace and the weird, drunken hook-up party feel to it.

Honestly, I'm waiting for MySpace to get shut down, considering the number of weird and sad scandals that have already popped up (most of them connected to child sex.)

Cyn said...

Hey! I live on new jessy! Wood ya pleas B my myspace freind?

Merujo said...

New jessy in da how-youse! U can b my fiend, Cyn, b-cuz ur so k@@l!