Saturday, March 25, 2006

To my new upstairs neighbor...

The fact that it's NCAA tournament time does not make it okay to scream and pound on the floor at half past midnight. I don't give a crap if you're a UConn fan. Really, I don't.

Conversation at the door at 12:35 a.m....

Neighbor: "Yeah?"
Me: "It's 12:30 at night."
Neighbor: "But we're watching the NCAA tourney."
Me: "And? It's 12:30 at night. Could you keep the screaming down?"
Neighbor: "But it's UConn versus Washington."
Me: "And it's 12:30 at night. This really isn't a great way to start off in the building."
Neighbor: "Yeah, but we're watching a game..."
Me: "You seem to miss the point that it's 12:30, and if your neighbors can't sleep because y'all are screaming, it's uncool."
Neighbor: "Well, yeah, I guess... but it's UConn..."

I gave up. Apparently, there is some special rule I don't know about that, if UConn is playing, screaming late at night is okay. I must have missed the memo that I'm now living downstairs from Cheerz Sportz Pub.

Sorry. I get cranky when I have a group of overgrown frat boys keeping me at night. Since the new guy moved in two weeks ago, I feel like I'm living in my old dorm room at Macalester. That wasn't fun at age 20. It's even more unfun at 40.

I'll get over it... when I win the lottery... and build a big house on some empty acreage somewhere...

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Janet Kincaid said...

Boy. I feel your pain on that one. I just moved out of an apartment where one of the upstairs tenents was a stomper. We called it "Thunderdome". I talked to her about her noisiness--especially after 11:30 at night. I talked to the landlady about it (who also happened to be her mother.) I talked to her roommate about it, who said it was also a problem for her. All to no avail. Some people, sadly, are just loud. A number of people, even more sadly, are just flat out inconsiderate. Sounds like you have the latter.

Just remember: you have rights to. Call the landlord. If it remains bad, call the police. There's nothing that says you can't.