Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And the hits just keep on comin'!

Guess who's allergic to:

1. several varieties of grass
2. several varieties of trees
3. just about every mold on the planet
4. warm, fuzzy kittycats
5. dust
6. roaches (yes, roaches)

Yes, it's me. I know, what a shock, huh?

I get bronchitis all the flipping time, and, finally, at age 40, I went in for allergy testing. There's a scale from 1-6 that shows just how allergic you are to certain things. I didn't ask where the roaches fell on my personal scale of Things That Make You Itch and Sneeze. Frankly, I just didn't want to know. I bet they don't test people in rural areas for roach reactions. Damn cities.

Topping my hit parade of of allergies? Nearly off the charts? Dust. I'm in the 1-3 range for most stuff, but dust? That's a 6+++. Or, as my doctor said today, looking over the results, "Huh. Dust. Go figure. It's everywhere. Only way to deal with this is desensitization shots."

MORE SHOTS?!?!? Awww, c'mon!!!

Yep, it's true. As if the eyeball shots weren't enough. Now, I get to go in - get this - once a week for the next three months for a shot. Then, after that, bi-weekly for the following three months. And then, after that, once a month for the next YEAR.



Well, I will say this - the doc's office is a short $1 Circulator ride away from my office, and there is a great Thai place next door... but damn!

A year?

If these shots aren't covered by insurance, you're gonna see me on the cover of the Washington Post soon, up in a bell tower with a rifle...

Oh wait - did I tell you that, actually, I'm allergic to so much stuff they won't be able to mix all the right serums in one injection? That's right, kids! It's really gonna be TWO shots every week.

Someone make it stop, please!!!!!!


Washington Cube said...

They may ultimately desensitize you to the problems. I had allergy shots for some time. This past Spring I had to go in again for testing when they couldn't determine what was wrong with me, and the doctor said, "The good news is, those shots must have paid off, because you aren't reacting to anything anymore." bad as the timing is on this? Ultimately, it may be a good thing toward making you better down the road.

Claire said...

I'm allergic to a lot of stuff too (dust, pollen, baby powder, nearly every perfume known to man...)

Some day when I've got better health insurance, testing and shots are something I'd like to look into. I know shots are a drag, but just keep thinking of the payoff.

spocko said...

I did the allergy shots for a while didn't work. Drugs didn't work I was either so wired or snappish I went crazy.
Even my allergist was stumped he said our only choice was to move to a much more powerful steroid spay or pill. Finally a friend recommended accupuncture and herbs. I asked my allergist and he said, "What the hell, give it a shot. "
That was the ticket. The herbs work only for 4 hours at a time and during the peak of the season I get "cooked" herbs that stink up the house. The Accupuncture clears up my imflamation and sinsus. As I lie there with 23 needles sticking out of my face I can feel the congestion clearing up and I can breath again. Accupuncture works great for me/

Sudiegirl said...

Ugh...that bites the big one.

AT least the allergy shots aren't in your eyeball.


Scholiast said...

That's not fair! My hubby's allergic to all these things and more, rate 6+ (although I don't think tested for roaches, we have none here..) - but he takes his medicine and is fine. No shots!

It has to stop. Now. (Did it work?)

Janet Kincaid said...

Good Lord! What next?!, I'm sure you ask yourself every morning. Hate to be a dummy, but did the allergist think any of these reactions might be stress-related? Maybe the stress from your eye aliment triggered something?? Not that I'm suggesting this is all in your head, but I've known people to get hives and such when they're stressed out. Only a thought.

All that aside, I've decided if I win the lottery tomorrow night, I'm giving you a cut. Hang in there!