Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Job interview Thursday

M Street NW. I'm not saying anything else. No jinx'ing. No way. No how.

Capital Weather says Thursday will be hot, stinky, sweaty, and rainy. Great. The Amazing Ms. Frizzhead goes to grovel for employment. Yeehaw!

Courtesy of the Metro Connection show website, I see that this is DC Pagan Pride Week. Any pagans out there wanna think good thoughts for me, I'd appreciate it. (Some of the local pagans in Virginia are doing a "Chocolate Ritual" on Thursday. Might be worth going all earthy and frolicky for that...)


paulnojustpaul said...

Not a pagan myself (Google Earth is about as close as I've been to Stonehenge, and I could never find a broomstick to match my shoes) but thinking those thoughts for ya anyway, M!

(you've got me curious about paganism now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wiccans checking in to wish you a good job interview. Go you must, but if you must, whatever you do don't go in goth attire. Decidedly a bad fashion choice on M Street.

suze said...

mmmmm...pagan chocolate ;)

best of luck on the job interview.

Anonymous said...

I'm not pagan, but i'll do that chocolate ritual thing Wed. night just to help you out with positive energy for Thursday. I assume it sends positive energy. I mean, it's chocolate for God's sake -- whoops -- i mean, errr, for wind, fire, earth and water's sake!


Merujo said...

Thanks for all the good thoughts! And hey - I'm all for ANY reason to eat chocolate.

And AJ - you have to put on the furry leggings, too, a la Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd in the Dragnet movie. PAGANS RULE!!! AHHHHHHHRRRRRRRGGGLLLLL!