Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back from the ER..

No nice drugs this time. I had an EKG because of the chest vs. steering wheel impact and x-rays to see why my gut hurt so much. Hopefully, that is just more temporary damage from the steering wheel. However, since they're not sure, no zippy pain-relieving pharmaceuticals. Just me, ice packs, the sofa, and the generic ibuprofen I bought last night in what appears to be a fleeting moment of brilliant foresight.

While I was at the ER for three hours, there was quite the parade of injuries:

1. A man who cut his leg on the ferris wheel at the county fair (where I'd hoped to be tomorrow evening, taking neon shots)
2. A guy who'd burned his hand on an industrial incinerator (EEEK)
3. A teen who had been hit by a car and did a somersault over the hood of said car
4. Someone who'd been knocked in the head by a railroad crossing bar (I think you get extra style points just for the bizarreness of that!)

I was very boring in comparison.

Time to stop. Five minutes at the keyboard is enough.

Thanks, folks, for the nice words and sympathy! I'll be beaming you very kind thoughts in return, from the safety of the sofa. The comfy, comfy sofa. Where I will be for the next couple of days...

Before I slip into incoherent power-lounging with ice packs, a serious moment:

Rest in peace, Bernie Mac. He seemed like a pretty decent soul, and I really dug his show - in fact, I was watching an episode late last night. Folks, never take respiratory ailments for granted. Take it from someone who's had a scary bout of pneumonia - it moves fast and will mess you up.

Sorry to see yet another talented person die far too soon. Adios, Bernie.


Chuck said...

Hope you feel better soon AND get some stronger meds soon.

Anonymous said...

Tough weekend - Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.

Anonymous said...

I bet we could all go many, many years without seeing "car accident" and "hospital" in your labels. Damn, what is it with the drivers around there? I hope you managed to rest and maybe get some better pain meds this weekend.

Ginger said...

I am so, so sorry to hear about this latest accident. I hope the idiot who caused it has a miserable life forever more. I know that's unkind, but people drive like such sociopaths around here and I loathe them. I also hope you feel better soon.

But oh man, what ER did you go to?! My loved ones kept ending up in the ER when I was 7 and 8 months pregnant, and all those hours I spent at Holy Cross and Shady Grove Adventist I NEVER saw people with such an intriguing array of ailments. In fact, WE were the freak show at the ER on the night my mom was in a car accident--with her in the hospital bed, my husband sitting nearby wearing three different orthopedic devices, and my immense belly; the doctor didn't know where to start :)

Anyway, sorry again to hear about the accident. And about your snake-handling relatives.