Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey, maybe this *is* party I can get behind

Just sayin'... (Go down to the title of the reviewed article at the bottom half of the page...)

I wonder if they are pro-Bush.

Maybe they can shave off a bit from McCain's surging pole, errr, poll results.

10 points for each tasteless comment.

Play on.


Anonymous said...

I hear they have a very environmentally unfriendly Latin American foreign policy. They support Brazilian clear cutting of virgin forests.

Chuck said...

I got this response when I clicked on teh linky:

You are not currently authorized to access this article. Login to JSTOR

This article is available for purchase from the publisher for $19.00 USD.

If you are affiliated with a participating institution you may be able to obtain the article free of cost to you.
See our access options for more information.

Merujo said...

Ah, you must go down to the title of the article on that page. :) Ye shall see what I saw!

Anonymous said...

I hear their candidate is really bush league.

Anonymous said...

He was supposed to campaign in our town, but his plane only buzzed our landing strip.

What a dick!

Anonymous said...

I swear I won't leave any more. I could not help it. :p

Ginger said...

A single tear of nostalgia rolls down my cheek. Oh, JSTOR. I miss it so. It was the next best thing about college after the campus bar.

Sorry...I'll stop geeking out all over your blog.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of surging polls:

Accidentally Inappropriate Campaign Photo