Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ponder Mode

There are so many things I want to blog about right now:

1. John McCain's stunt casting of a woman with absolutely no national or international leadership experience as his VP running mate (and, women of America, if you're foolish enough to fall for this made-for-Lifetime ploy, you deserve a collective ass-kicking!) But my friend Spencer has done a much better job than I ever could have. Read his entry here.

2. Vile Vladimir Putin, his puppet Dmitri Medvedev, and paranoid Russian nationalist idiocy as they annex South Ossetia. This one will take some time for me to organize my ire into cogent text rather than a diatribe. (As if that's stopped me before!)

3. The irony of a man starring in a TV show about a sex addict having to go into rehab for sex addiction. (Reality or ratings-friendly publicity? Oh, it gets my conspiracy theorist spidey sense a-tingling!) Maybe, at the very least, we'll get some great PSAs out of this. "Hi, I'm David Duchovny - actor, sex addict. Just remember kids, if you suddenly want to have pointless sex with a total stranger... or several strangers... just close your eyes and envision anything devoid of joy and totally unfunny - dead puppies, Scientology, a McCain presidency, two hours locked in a closet with an alcoholic circus clown... It helped me. It can help you, too."

I still have one full day trapped at home. I'll continue to ponder...

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