Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Handy Hint for Accident Victims

We all know the advice to always wear clean undies, just in case of an accident. (And dear god, I hope all of us are wearing clean undies at all times, frankly.) But here's another choice sliver of accident wisdom: if you have big, mysterious bruises on your leg and your lawyer wants photos of said bruises, make sure you shave your legs and get a little sun before you start snapping away. Otherwise, your leg might resemble the flesh of a hairy, sun-avoiding, vampire chicken.

I'm so horrified, I'm not even posting the photo where you can clearly see my goosepimply white chicken leg. But this dark, flashless photo will still give you a good idea of the type of bruises I ended up with this time around:


Janet Kincaid said...

Okay, there's a total story behind that scar you absolutely have to tell us as only you can. Those bruises look really, really painful. I hope your lawyer gets you lots and lots of money for all your pain and suffering.

Chuck said...

I think at this point, the lawyers should pay YOU a monthly stipend for the privilege of being able to take all your cases. :)

Hope you are feeling a bit better and get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my I'm glad you'e back blogging (I'm WAY behind it seems), while really sad to hear that you're all bruised up and steering wheel impacts and such. I sure hope things are improving now -- I think a later entry said taht your shoulder wasn't as swollen. Oh, and I LOVE those Thai silks (but hey, have less than $1. in the bank while child support is 3 weeks late, so sigh). I'm glad you're back, now heal!