Sunday, August 17, 2008

Updates from the "China has a funny perception of truth" zone

In case you missed these tidbits...

A dancer was paralyzed in a bad fall during rehearsals for the Olympic opening ceremonies. In fine whitewashing style, the Beijing Olympic Committee initially reported that she'd just broken her leg and she'd be just fine! Riiight.

Then, there's this gem, too. You know all those kiddos who handed off the Olympic flag to the scary-ass soldiers? They were supposed to be representatives of all 56 nationalities/ethnic groups in China. They weren't.

Look, I don't really care about the faked fireworks. There were plenty of real fireworks that went off - special effects enhancements are just that. Enhancements. But telling the world in your official docs that the kids were actual representatives of 56 ethnic groups, but just using your "comfort zone" majority ethnicity exclusively? That's just stupid. I loved the dork from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee telling reporters they were being "too meticulous" in noting that these kids were described as real ethnic minorities. "Too meticulous"?!? WTF?

And lying about someone's life-changing injury? Man, when pride and honor get in the way of a truth that leaves a dancer unmoving for life, that's just plain pathetic.


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