Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Return of the Banana Splits

Some of you will be too young to appreciate this, but one of the most freaking surreal TV shows of my childhood, The Banana Splits, is making a comeback, according to Gawker. That show was weird shit, man. It was like an acid trip for young children.

I guess peeps my age are supposed to have children by now. And, Warner Brothers, being a savvy money machine, has chosen to cash in on our middle-aged need to force the strange culture of our youth on the next generation. Hence, the rebirth of one of the single most bizarre programs ever.

Missed out on the Banana Splits phenomenon? Too young to have nightmares about it? Don't worry - YouTube is here to save you:

Scariest thing? I can sing along with the theme song without missing a single word. And yes, that's April Winchell's father Paul at the end. He was the voice of Fleegle, the beagle.

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J.M. Tewkesbury said...

And to think I use to resent that we didn't grow up with television in our home. Seeing stuff like this, I'm thinking "Not so much..."

Love the voice of Tigger at the end, though.