Sunday, February 19, 2006

25,000 hits?!? Holy crow!

I know this isn't a big deal for high-volume bloggers, but down here in Groundling-ville, I'm really amazed. Courtesy of my 4.5 loyal readers, I've just had my 25,000th hit to the Church of the Big Sky! For the record, my wonderful friend the Sasquatch - my very first reader last March - was visitor #25,000. Thanks, Squatchito! You get a home-cooked meal of Chicken Glop a la Merujo as your prize.

My appreciation goes out to everyone who drops by here. You make me feel a little less like I'm just talking to myself. If you keep reading, I'll keep writing.




Merujo said...

I was thrilled when I hit 5,000, too! I couldn't imagine that many people actually wanting to read what I was writing.

Let's hear it for your next 20K!!


Claire said...

Wow, congrats! That's really impressive.

I may have to start writing a fictional life based on yours to drive up my hitcount. I can see it now, some time abroad in say, Brazil, with my trusty prostitute sidekick Lola. Together we avoid cannibals, jerky gay ambassador suitors, and Olympic ice-dancing couples with missing fingers. Dude, it'll be sweet!

(Of course, I only jest. I think all the stuff you've done is cool, interesting, and definitely entertaining to read. Clearly you have more than 4.5 loyal readers.)

Merujo said...

Gina - thank you so much! I love reading your blog, too - and don't discount the adventures you've had! I love reading the stories from your life. You might notice, most of mine are in the past tense. I don't have many adventures these days, unless you count the weirdness at the local 7/11. :-)

Claire - same goes for you, too! I love your blog - and from the number of blogrolls I see you on, I know you have a lot of satisfied readers. You just cracked me up completely, by the way. I'd so totally read the Brazilian adventures of Claire and Lola!

Claire said...

ah good! Cracking up was my intent. It was one of those comments where I figured the tone might be misunderstood by someone on a different wavelength.

Perhaps we will see some of Claire and Lola. It was pretty fun writing just that short bit.

Sasquatch said...

I'm looking forward to the flashback wherein it is revealed how the ice dancers lost their assorted digits...

Merujo said...

Dude - we know how they lost their fingers. Didn't you watch the short program the other night? You get dropped enough times around someone else with blades on their feet, digits are gonna eventually fly free!

Claire said...

Merujo's got it right on, of course, but i do have some good twists in the works. This has actually inspired me to do some 'real' writing... factual fiction as opposed to creative nonfiction, if you will.

I'm still roughing out the outline, but C&L will be making an appearance eventually (it'll depend on how involved/good I feel up to making it.)