Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Edmund Fitzgerald (30 years on)

Pirate Twin commented on my entry about ballads that today marks 30 years since the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in terrible weather on Lake Superior.

In reading this story about the wreck and the Gordon Lightfoot song, I was amazed by this figure: 6,000 ships have disappeared in the Great Lakes.

6,000 ships.

It's hard to imagine 6,000 ships scattered at the bottom of the Great Lakes - and with them, the remains of many crew members, surely. A ghost fleet, silent and dark, moored at lake bottom.


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Merujo said...

"We are holding our own."

God. How sad.

Thanks, PT, for that account. And VO, I still get massive goosebumps whenever I hear the song. I always will, I reckon.