Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I forgot...

Leaving Potomac Mills last night, I saw a wonderful neon mess at the local Jennifer Leather store. For those unfamiliar with Jennifer, it's a company that sells leather and convertible furniture. Most of the local neon store signs read as follows:


However, last night, the Woodbridge sign read simply:


Of course, Ms. Dork here didn't have her camera with her. This is the second time this week I've missed out on a great tasteless photo op. The other one came up a couple of days ago when I found myself behind a truck marked "SEWAGE". The company was called "King Throne" and advertised port-a-potty cleaning services. (Eeesh.) Their slogan, complete with little sparkling crowns: "Number One in a Number Two Business!"

Oy vey.

Seriously, I'm going to glue my camera to my hand.


Spencer said...

The mall near us has signs that direct people to specific stores - one of them has the following stores in this sequence at the top of the sign:


I didn't have my camera - but went back and got it. You must do the same - for posterity. I'll have to put this picture on my blog.

Merujo said...

That is a beautiful thing. You just gave me the biggest laugh I've had in days, Spencer! I'll be looking for that photo...

Spencer said...

Just for you - done.


Merujo said...

I am devastated to report, the bastards fixed the sign. Alas, a fine opportunity lost. Trust me, that camera is goin' everywhere with me from now on.

After all, now I'm gonna work at a place where there are occasionally wild animals and celebrities on the premises. (Apparently, I missed the cheetahs by one day last time. Drat!)

author said...

I've started dragging my cam along constantly too, but every now and then I get sickof it and lieave it at home - you can be damn sure that's when finally something unbelievable turns up - it never fails!