Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How weird.

I recorded an audioblog on my way home from work today. I was inspired by the hideous Clark Griswold-esque Christmas lights already covering this entire house in Chevy Chase. I even described it as looking like a low-rent elf bordello.

But now that I'm home, there is no audioblog entry. Yet, I confirmed the dang thing after I recorded it. I "hit one to post" and the little Audioblog computer guy thanked me and everything. Oh well. It wasn't that good, really.

However, I cannot pass up commenting on the fact that I made a Chevy Chase movie reference about a house in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Hey kids! Know what this is?
It's the last time Chevy Chase was ever funny.
(And even that was pushing a point...)

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