Sunday, November 13, 2005


This is a post for the Sasquatch who complained today that he was "tired of the artist's rendering of God" at the top of my blog. Fine. (Mind you, I'm taking this from a guy who's posted an average of 6 posts a month since February. Nice.)

So, bubba, this is what you get instead: lemurs. A shitload of lemurs. I hope you're happy.

Back when I worked at American Embassy Moscow, I handled diplomatic customs and shipping for all our freight, including the personal effects of Marines coming from other posts...

We had a Marine in Moscow who previously had been posted at our embassy in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

The shipping office at Embassy Antananarivo was so incredibly incompetent, it took more than six months for them to ship this dude's effects to us in Moscow.

Plus, they mislabeled his stuff, and, instead of going into the duty-free diplomatic pouch, it arrived as commercial freight, and I had to call in a lot of favors to get it released without hefty fines or a big bribe.

After that fiasco, my boss and I determined that the embassy shipping office in Antananarivo was actually staffed by lemurs, who could not really be blamed for their lack of knowledge in matters of diplomatic cargo.

The photo above, indeed, could be the head shipping clerk at our embassy in Madagascar.

John Cleese digs lemurs.

In fact, the University of Zurich just named a lemur for him, the avahi cleesei, a tiny leaf-eating critter. Perhaps Cleese can teach them some solid management techniques and get our shipping office up to snuff.

So, Squatchito, does this beat the Sistine Chapel?

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Sasquatch said...

Why, yes. Yes it does.