Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nice. So now it shows up. Three hours late.

Nice, Audioblogger. Make me look like a moron. (Sigh.)

See post below for reference...

this is an audio post - click to play

This reminds me - PirateTwin sent me a video link to a house decked to the nines with enough lights to keep PEPCO in the black for the next decade, with musical accompaniment. PirateTwin, can you post that link in the comments? Mucus gracias.


author said...

I'll definately listen too the audiopost later (I'm busy with my new Pandora station - fab!) I just HAD to give you a quick thumbs up for my new favourite expression: Mucus Gracias!

- I hope that was intended - it kills me anyway!

Claire said...

I get that some people put up decorations over t-day weekend, and since it fell early this year that means early lights. However, I started seeing xmas lights and inflatable creatures a week and a half BEFORE t-day.

Along with the Salvation Army bell ringers, it all seems a bit early.

Also, love the 'elf bordello' imagery: perfect!

Cyn said...

"Satanic Elf Bordello" -- my new favorite phrase!!!