Friday, December 16, 2005

Alas, I have been downgraded and unlinked!

Up until recently - until today, in fact, I think - I had been listed as a "favorite link" on April Winchell's popular webpage. Earlier today I was still getting a few hits from her page. But, it appears I'm no longer a favorite. I have been removed from the links. Ah well! I think I should have anticipated this when she stopped responding to my occasional friendly e-mails.

My shelf life is up. I am a dusty dented can of Flava of the Month.

C'est la vie, eh?

Still cool and hip in my own mind,

Merujo Dynamite


CitizenKaneMutiny said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you've been viewing April's webpage much recently, you know that she hasn't done much with it, other than occasionally post about how great her boyfriend is. And Linkapalooza is pile of crap these days.

Your blog content is much more amusing and engaging. Keep up the good work.


alwswrite said...

You'll always be fresh content to me!

kuzmich said...

well then...i guess you'll just have to reciprocate and remove HER off your fav links. i mean, it's only fair.

vw: ftycsdh

gina said...

uhmmm --- who's April Winchell?

I found you without her web page link. And there's no way she could be as good a read as your blog.