Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How cool is this?

My awesome coworkers just presented me a new watch to replace the one that was, uh, "liberated" from me last Friday.

To my colleagues: you totally rock. May the good karma come back to each and every one of you.


suze said...

how sweet. yay for good karma!!!!

alwswrite said...

Replacing a lost item is an act of kindness, for sure.

Offering to beat the stuffing out of the urchin who stole it from you -- that would be a rare act of love. Or mental illness. But still, I'd be honored.

Washington Cube said...

It is totally cool...and wonderful.

Spencer said...

The original story seriously bothers me because I really believe that it's indicative of the general level of selfishness and contempt in our country. I seriously wish that I was there to back you up and liberate your watch.

Merujo said...

I work in a great office, absolutely. I am very lucky, and I dig my new watch. :-)

Always & Spencer, I'd be happy to have you guys "watching my 6" any old time.

Spencer, I ended up calling the police and giving them the licence plate number. It stuck in my mind as Mom of the Year drove away - it helped that it was a vanity plate boldly framed by a gold chain license plate holder, as if to say, "Here, dear - let me make it easier for you to recall me for the cops!"

I took the advice of several people who suggested, at the very least, the police might want to share this info with Children & Family Services. That little guy is being raised with the most screwed up perception of the world. "Selfishness and contempt" - you are so very, very right.

hoyameb said...

Dying to hear what, if anything, followup you get from the police.

Claire said...

Hooray! I'm particulary glad to hear it since I've been unable to find that spare watch I thought I still had. New is better anyway.

And glad you called the cops on her ass. She f'ing deserves it!