Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Every Single Day's a Holiday for the Florists from Hell!

The lovely Gina left me a comment re: 1-800-flowers.com that got me thinking. Gina said that "everyday is a holiday" for the fine people at 1-800-flowers.com. Indeed, I think she's got something there.

Which led me to start thinking about special arrangements they could add to their website, like:

The Bris Bouquet: celebrate a fresh cut organ with some fresh cut orchids!

The Colon Lilly Corsage: there's nothing like a lovely calla lilly spray on your lapel to say, "Hey, world! I just had a colonoscopy, and my pipes are clean!"

The Van Gogh: A brilliant blue vase full of sunflowers with a boxed chocolate ear is the perfect way to say, "I'm insanely in love with you! No, really. I think I am insane."

Okay, you guys are next - what other special occasion arrangements should our time travelin' florists add? Extra points for creativity and tastelessness. I think I've started us in that direction, for sure...


alwswrite said...

the dandelion 'stalker' bouquet: "No matter how many times you try to drive me away, I'll never leave you. Ever."

blue-tipped 'morning after' carnations: "Cheap flowers for a cheap slut: Thanks for the booty call, baby."

(what, did I go too far?)

Merujo said...

Beautiful. You are a scholar, madame!