Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New T-Shirt Design

Okay, now someone has to design the appropriately creepy (yet sultry) small carnivorous mammal image to go along with this:

Small carnivorous mammal on the front, inscrutable text on the back. Yeah. I like that.

Be the first on your block to have an inscrutable sex weasel t-shirt! Straight from my twisted subconscious to your chest!

I really need some sleep.

Seacrest, out!


Cyn said...

I don't have a creepy carnivorous mammal image to offer (except perhaps a photo of a former boss, but that would be way too creepy) but given the appropriate weasel, I'd totally be in on wearing that tee.

author said...

HA HA - that's both inspired and inspiring!

suze said...

heehee. that rocks lady!

alwswrite said...

Sounds like a sex toy. "Sex Weasel" ($49.95) is the new Rabbit.