Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Lovely, Gloomy Saturday

It finally feels like a Washington winter day again today, thank you Mutha Nature.

I woke up late, still feeling somewhat foul, hacking and coughing. My brother had called from Germany at 7:30, but I slept right through it. I'm not a morning person. Never have been. And when I'm feeling under the weather, I'm even less of one.

For the record, I slept horribly, and, at 4:15 this morning, I woke up and yelled, "Damn you, sex weasel!" Unfortunately, I cannot remember just who or what the "sex weasel" was. (But "Sex Weasel" would be a good band name, wouldn't it?) I must have, in my sex weasel stupor, turned the TV on, because when I finally opened one fuzzy eye, "Chariots of Fire" was on. I heard "Jerusalem" playing and started quietly singing along, most of my head still under my green $3 Target Christmas clearance polarfleece blanket. (Target has the bestest Christmas clearances ever. I also got one of those little plug-in coolers to keep food cold - or warm - in your car for $7.)

It's probably a good thing the apartment upstairs is still vacant. Otherwise, I'd probably be known as "Annoying, Singing Sex Weasel Girl" as of today.

And who needs that?

When I finally got my carcass up and outside, it was cold and windy and simply grey. My kind of winter day. We have gusts up to 44 MPH and the wind chill has brought the temperature down to 26 F. Excellent!

Now, seriously, I loved the last two days of brilliant 60-degree joy. But I like a little winter in my winter. So, this is cool by me. I get to wear fuzzy fleece and jeans with warm socks. It's nice. (Yeah, I am a pretty cheap date. What can I say?)

It's also a good day to get work done, if you have to. A good day to be in your office, listening to excellent music, pounding away at work it's impossible to get done during the busy work week. It's an especially good day to be in your office in DC, with the Redskins playing Seattle right now. Downtown is dead as a door nail.

And so, here goes. I have some good tunes with me: Joe Jackson's brilliant, but incredibly underrated "Heaven & Hell", Morrissey's "Live at Earl's Court", REM's "Document", Michael Penn's "Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947", and Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman's "Songs From the Victorious City." It's an odd collection, but good for pounding out text, and I highly recommend each of them. And now, to work.

Somebody let me know if the Redskins win.


gonzomantis said...

Funny you should mention "Heaven & Hell." I was just pondering that as a suggestion for our LA tour soundtrack as I drove in to the office a few minutes ago.

I will truly enjoy being away from the office and enjoying the your company, as well as that of the Sasquatch. Do you think he'll be willing to celebrate? I figure he must be getting some good income from his "Myth Busters" spots on Discovery Channel.

Cyn said...

You only paid $3 for your Christmas clearance Target blanket? I paid at least $6!

Damn you, sex weasel! (Yeah, that doesn't really apply to this situation, but it's my new favorite phrase.)

Actually, now that I look at it, my blanket is red chenille and it's sparkly -- I suppose one pays a premium for glitter, at least here in Jersey.

Um, so, never mind.

Merujo said...

It was great - the small red, blue, and green blankets (with the sparklies) were $3, and I got a big minty green king size polarfleece blanket in the same clearance aisle for $3.75. Heh heh heh. It so rocked.

Doesn't Jersey have a special "Glitter Tax"?

Washington Cube said...

I find windy days to be inspirational. Always have, from childhood on. I guess all of that "stirring" going on.