Saturday, January 21, 2006

History, Revisited

There are a lot of new visitors to this blog tonight, some of them courtesy of WAMU - and I thank those of you who listen to my radio commentaries - and some via another link. For all the new arrivals, I invite you to read an archived entry that's also a history lesson. Meet my mother.

I'll be back this weekend with more content.

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Vecordious One said...

Of all the LiveJournals and Blogs that I have read out in cyberworld ... yours has been the very best.

Seriously. This is no idle compliment.

You are one very talented woman, and it's been a wonderful experience getting to know you through both your journaling and your radio commentaries.

Please keep the "good stuff" coming... there are so many ridiculously crappy and less than intelligent blathering bloggers out there.

In contrast to so much pathetic garbage, you have been a breath of fresh air.

Thank you.

You have charm and class, and it's been a pleasure reading ya!

Vecordious One