Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another note about Mental Girl's (non) wedding

14 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen?!? 600 guests?!?

What the hell were these people thinking?!?

Personally (and maybe this is because I'm getting older) I like the thought of the tiny wedding with backyard BBQ reception. Fire up the Weber, bubba! We is gonna get hitched!

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Anonymous said...

I know... what is it with weddings these days? Is such a huge circus necessary?

My husband and I were married outside on his grandparents farm... an orange butterfly landed on the minister's nose during the ceremony ~ you can't buy that kind of magic! Afterwards, they loaded us up on the tractor and drove us to a nearby park for a "bring your own hot dish" picnic.

A very user friendly experience for all involved.