Friday, April 15, 2005

You Gotti Be Kidding

Ever watch Growing Up Gotti on A&E? It's foul. These people are AWFUL. Just bloody awful. The children are a New Jersey nightmare of utter embarrassment, and the mother?? Oh, dear lord, I don't know who did her plastic surgery, but damn... I hope she sued. Growing Up Gotti is a prime example of why most reality tv blows - otherwise useless and/or talentless people doing uninteresting things.

And now, awful - meet even worse.

Oh, and while I'm briefly ranting about reality tv... Moira on Showdog Moms & Dads - your kid is going to need years of therapy. You should lose your Mom License, lady. Ugh. And the gay couple in Washington State? Ryan and Brandon. Oh... mah... god... they are the most hideously stereotyped queenie boys I've ever seen. (And growing up with a gay flight attendant sibling, honey, trust me - I've met some major queens!) Brandon makes Carson Kressley look positively macho. They make me want to bury my head in my sofa cushions out of sheer embarrassment for them every single time they're on screen.

I'd love to know what your average American gay folk think of them. I hope it's just the editing and that they aren't that consistently awful in real life. I find them utterly embarrassing.

Now that I've tangentially mentioned Queer Eye, though, may I say - can I have a Ted of my own? He's adorable and I would *love* for him to come and teach me to cook.

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