Tuesday, April 19, 2005

That Soul-Sucking Job Hunt

I seem to have hit a dry spell. There are 8 gazillion jobs out there, but, apparently, none for which I am skilled and appropriate. I'm either undereducated or overqualified, depending on the position. This stinks. It's evil.

So, to cleanse my brain of the thought that I'll never have a job again, I've stopped briefly to hit the "next blog" button a few times on Blogspot. There are a LOT of blogs here in Spanish and Italian. I just came upon a pocket of Norwegian ones. Useless to me, but fun, I'm sure, for the Sasquatch if he wants to know whazzup with the Norsk teen scene.

I think my favorite today, though, is the cheerfully pink and floral one from the perky teen in South Carolina who just wanted "to give a big shout out to the new pope! Rock on, Benedict XVI!" She then says, "I'm not Catholic or anything, but it's cool. I think my dad's family is kinda Catholic or Methodist."

Dear Perky One: biiiiig difference between "kinda Catholic" and "kinda Methodist." Good luck with that one, honey.

- Merujo, kinda unemployed

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