Friday, December 30, 2005

I've already paved a pretty good path...

...shouldn't I just go ahead and get the t-shirt?

Or should I just buy a couple for the people I used to work for??? Heh heh heh...

Actually, I want to market a do-it-yourself t-shirt. It would just be a blank white t-shirt that comes in a ziploc with a black marker and directions to write "MY PARENTS ARE LUDDITES AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY WHITE T-SHIRT AND A SHARPIE!" across the chest.

Hmmm. I think that was funnier in my head.

Back to the drawing board, Chumley...


Vecordious One said...

I want the HELL shirt, was that on eBay???

I have a T-Shirt that I bought that has a 50's looking movie poster on it, that says:

"The Job That Ate My Brain"

(There is a picture of woman clutching her mouth screaming.)

Oh yeah, I wore it to work, it not funny unless 'they' see it.

So, if I send you money... you will make me a T-Shirt? You can start your own cottage industry.

Do you take PayPal???

I will buy most anything,

Vecordious One

PS: These word verifications are getting very long... You're asking a lot from me here... are you trying to weed out the less than bright readers???

If so, you are being too subtle for me. Try harder.

Claire said...

I laughed, so it translated from your head to me at least.