Thursday, July 21, 2005

Any savvy techies out here? Need help!

Back when I had my Gateway Nightmare (that's a long, long story, worthy of its own entry), I ended up with a $75 credit from them for my troubles (along with a new computer.) I would have gladly purchased an iPod, had they sold them. Sadly they didn't. However, they did sell little Creative MuVo mp3 players. People over on seemed to like them, and, since I had few options, I snarfed one.

The MuVo arrived at my office shortly before The Incident which ended my fabulous government contracting career. I had just started using it as a radio at that point. After all the ugliness, I never even installed it in my computer to download music files. Finally, here I am, ready to do this thing, and I think I left the damn installation disk at my old stinkin' office. Crap, crap, crappity crap.

Creative doesn't have the drivers for this critter online, and my e-mails to them have been ignored so far. Anybody have any suggestions as to where I can find the installation info for this baby? It was basically free and I'm basically broke, so, if I end up just having to use it as a radio, so be it, but it sure would be nice to be able to drop some music into it. This is it:

The Creative MuVo N200.

Thanks to anyone who has any leads. Help a broke chiquita out. I feel like a geek crack addict. Man, I need the software. Don't you get it. I just need installation stuff, man. That's all. I promise. C'mon man!

Thanks for any help anyone can offer. (And thanks a whole heap, Creative, for blowing off my e-mail. I know it's just a cheapie mp3 player, but, still...)


Spencer said...

I have a friend that used to work for Creative as a programmer - I'll ask him.

Merujo said...

Oh, thank you, Spencer! Mucho appreciated!