Saturday, July 16, 2005

Shrieking Lust Monkeys

Oh man. I finally sit down to do some writing - some "serious" writing, and it's just as the next door neighbor and his girlfriend decide to go at it, big time. A little Saturday "afternoon delight" I guess.

God, I wish the walls were thicker in this building. And I wish he wasn't a moaner. She's not the loud one. And I wish they would put a quilt around their headboard. God.

Headphones. God, where did I leave the noise-filtering headphones?!?!?

I think I'd better give up for now. Maybe this is a good time to watch the first three episodes of Season 5 of "OZ." I think prison violence wins out over "summer lovin'" next door. Shudder.


Anonymous said...

The first time I heard my downstairs neighbors, I was embarassed at the thought that if I could hear them, they must be able to hear us. Oops. But it also made me look at my neighbor differently. Judging from the sounds his girlfriend makes, he must be one darned good lover!


Merujo said...

That certainly gives me a different perspective to consider! My old downstairs neighbors used to play games. I heard him yell "STAND AND DELIVER!" more than once, with her giggling wildly.

kenju said...

That makes me very happy that I don't live in an apartment! Luckily, I haven't had to hear that kind of stuff in years.

"Stand and Deliver"???? Oh, God no....I don't ever want to hear that!