Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's already tomorrow in Australia, so...

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest guys I've never met!

Paul-chik and I became acquainted through the music of Thomas Dolby a zillion years ago, when all the Internet access I had was through work, with a black screen, white letters and the crappiest dial-up account known to man. Yet, even with that rather bland interface, this gent really shined through. He's never failed to be a kind, supportive, and delightful friend (and is far more complimentary to me than I deserve, honestly.) There should be many more men out there like this guy.

Note to Australia: more Pauls, fewer Russell Crowes, please.

So, here's to you, Paul!

Man, I love Google Images. Type in "Paul birthday cake" and POOF!

Whatever you do to celebrate your birthday today, kiddo, be sure to give yourself a big hug on my behalf and go take a walk on that gorgeous beach of yours - I'll come along, if only in spirit.

I hope to actually meet you someday.

With lots of love from The Swamp That Is DC,



Anonymous said...

You write the sweetest birthday messages for your friends. What a nice thing to do. I'm envious.

- Annie

suze said...

i agree. that's a great bday message. i feel like i want to wish him a happy birthday and i have no idea who he is! good job!!!

Merujo said...

He deserves it. He's just a total sweetie. :-)

Anonymous said...

[looks at floor, shuffles feet] Aww schucks. Thanks Merujo! (cheque's in the mail ;-)

Seriously, thanks, you made my whole day.

[hug!] right back atcha.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I really want us to finally meet in person too. We will one day! Even if it's when we're both crotchety old far^H^H^Hpeople with blankets over the legs and ear trumpets the size of tubas, we will!

P.P.S. Re compliments. I just calls it how it sees it. :-)