Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Somebody buy Matt Drudge a life, please

Blaring headline on the Drudge Report today:


Here's my headline:


Here's the scoop: John McCain has a bit part in the new Vince Vaugh-Owen Wilson comedy about guys who crash weddings to get laid. The fairly conventional story has Wilson the Cad end up falling in love with a woman from one of these crashed affairs. (Like you couldn't see that script conceit coming...)

You would think from the 20-some-odd-point bold font on Drudge's front page, that McCain is naked and swingin' in the trees for a large hunk of this film. However, that's simply not the case. Bit part. Teeny weenie. Just like cameos politicians have been doing for years. (Personally, I like the ones in "Dave" - including media whore-chik Ben Stein.)

This typographical hissy fit is just a hook for people to click on Drudge's lame-ass swipe at McCain for being a hypocrite. McCain, you see, previously made some fatherly comments about R-rated flicks in a senate hearing on Hollywood and its stench of moral decay.

Disingenuous on the part of the senator to then appear in an R-rated movie? Maybe, yeah. But not as disingenuous as screaming that the senator "stars" in said R-rated movie. I really hate it when Drudge engages in yellow journalism that reeks so bad, you have to assume it was crafted (and tinted) in a trench latrine.

Jeez, Matt. Are ya hurting for readers? Not enough lobotomized folks reading the smaller print on your page? You had to go for the Reader's Digest "Big Print" edition? Will you soon start doing your radio show in "Special English"??? Why not just slap a bunch of Fox logos and Hillary Clinton's head up as icons for all your stories? That should pretty much take care of it.



Sorry. Let's try that again.


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