Friday, July 01, 2005

Just in case... are a member of my family and you have just discovered this blog via the link on the WAMU page...

Welcome. This is my weird world. It's not that I was keeping it a secret from you.

Oh wait. Yes I was.

I wasn't sure what you'd think, frankly. I'm not always the nice, smart kid you probably remember. I have a dark streak, a sarcastic edge, and, more often than I'd like to admit, I swear like a sailor.

So, come on in. Enjoy the ride. Feel free to leave comments if you are inspired, but don't be offended if my world view doesn't match yours. It's likely that our thoughts will diverge sooner or later (some more rapidly than others.) You may want to give me a little more space at family events after reading some of this. You may think I'm a nut. So be it. It's my little twisted world. Welcome to it.



And, again, welcome. (BTW, you can buy this welcome mat at the L.A. County Coroner gift shop - I kid you not.)

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