Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oh fudge.

Except, as the narrator says in A Christmas Story, "I didn't really say 'fudge'"...

Smart girl that I occasionally am, I've figured out that it likely was Michael Penn himself visiting my blog very early this morning. The entries about his music aren't exactly my finest writing. You kinda wish that, if someone really creative visits your blog, he'll hit some of the better writing. (And that he's not checking for copyright infringement.)

I'm so bummed. Fudge, indeed.

I'm definitely not going to be going up and asking for an autograph after the Birchmere show now. "Hi, I'm the one who posted a link to your video on my blog after I found it on another blog, and really pissed you off!" Oh yippee. (insert look of dismay here...)



Spencer said...

Stop it - Michael is more upset with a professional who made something public that shouldn't have been.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't know that link wasn't supposed to be out there (and I'm sure the Pennster & co understand this.) You were simply doing what any good fan would do if they found new (and apparently legit) material from an artist they admire. Spreading the good news.