Friday, August 19, 2005

Courtney Loves Her Rehab (and her drugs)

Unless you are a howler monkey or tree-dwelling Madagascarian lemur, you know Courtney Love is out of her mind hooked on drugs. No matter how many times she says she's clean, people - she SO isn't.

For some insane reason, I watched the Pam Anderson roast on Comedy Central the other night. It was quite possibly the dirtiest thing I've seen on basic cable. Sarah Silverman - duuuude, that girl has got a mouth on her... Most of what she said was bleeped out. (The roast will be re-broadcast uncut, unbleeped, untasteful this weekend as part of Comedy Central's "Secret Stash" programming.) Why Courtney Love was there, I have no idea, but between her flashing her crotch, her boobs, her middle finger, you name it - plus her constant screaming of "CLEAN AND SOBER FOR OVER A YEAR NOW!" It was pretty damn obvious that the woman was massively f'ed up. I was embarrassed for her, with her bloated antics and tiny, glassy-pupil'ed eyes.

And everyone on stage basically acknowledged that she was high as a kite. It was the worst kept secret in the room that she was out of her gourd. I can go along with the joke for a little while, but then the squirm factor becomes too big. You wish someone on stage had enough courage and common sense to usher her backstage and out of the Humiliation Zone and send her off in a cab. And it bothered me that no one did it. Maybe they were afraid they'd end up in the ER with something fractured if they tried to shift the immoveable object. Maybe they actually found her drugged out antics funny.

But it wasn't.

It was sad and pathetic, and it lead to Courtney making an appearance in court today where she admitted to violating her probation (she's on the hook on three separate sentences) and screwing around with drugs yet again. She's been admitted to rehab. Again. The judge said he wanted to send her to jail. Why didn't he, then? Was it compassion? I think it was a wee bit of L.A. celebri-felon wussiness. Screw rehab. Love needed to go directly to jail. Rehab ain't workin' for this girl, and she has enough buckage to keep herself high for some time to come.

A wimpy judicial system isn't doing any favors for Love's daughter. I hope that kid has a trust fund set up just to cover her future therapy needs. Poor thing.

I'm sure another 28 days of throwing pots (and withdrawl hissy fits) is not going to do a damn thing for this wretched creature.

And Comedy Central, shame on you for not knowing when to say when. We all slow down for a big accident, but dignity and common sense tell us not to dawdle over the gruesome remains.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely example of our judicial system. Dare I say it? Yes, another case of "celebrity justice" at it's finest.

They need to turn the cameras off that chick and throw her sorry butt into jail.

Robert Downey Jr. was never this obnoxious and this out of control, but he got tough love.

Where's the tough love for Courtney???
They NEED to either get her in jail to "really" fix her, or buy her, her own shiney rifle to take care of that mess she calls herself.