Monday, August 22, 2005

Measured Procrastination and Other Random Stuff

I need to install the new hard drive in Old Paint. I have to do this today, so I can get the old hard drive returned to Gateway before they charge me for the new one (you have a 7 day window to return the defunct stuff before they charge you.) I just don't want to do it. It's a matter of me not wanting to have open up the carcass of the desktop. I've never opened this one, and its shell doesn't have the obvious markings of my old desktop, where I could easily see how/where to pop the case for installation.

In a money saving venture, Gateway has ceased to send user's manuals with their new computers. The old ones had these awesome guides with step-by-step photos of how to open the case, remove components, the whole nine yards. It was very user friendly. But not this one.

I guess I'm so tired of having problems with my Gateway products, it's simply depressing to have to go through this again. Plus, removing the old hard drive is the final act of acknowledgement that all the writing I'd done and saved there is really gone. Even if the information was retrievable, I do not have the money to have it retrieved. It would be a minimum of $350 to have someone try, and that's simply money I don't have now. I am being philosophical about it - most of that writing wasn't that great anyway - just first drafts that can be improved upon in new writing.

Right? C'mon - help me rationalize this!


I'm going to shut up about that now. Water under the bridge, spilled milk, etc., etc., etc.

Instead, here are some random thoughts for the day:

1. If you like a good family-friendly story and you haven't seen it yet, rent "Secondhand Lions" with Michael Caine and Robert Duvall. Watched it last night. Loved it. Very sweet and kid friendly. Made me cry at one point.

2. A bag of cherries that gets lodged at the back of your fridge will turn unattractive shades of green, blue, grey, and black if forgotten long enough.

3. I am drinking too much Coke Zero. It's like crack. Seriously. So much better than the diet Coke with Splenda that I raved about months ago. Coke Zero tastes like The Real Thing. I theorize that there is human blood or some other sort of ritually sacrificed material included in the "natural flavorings" listed on the label. Just a theory, mind you.

4. Am I the only person in America who finds Ellen DeGeneres annoying? It's the staccato rhythm of her speech that makes me nuts, I think. I know her show gets raves, but I can't watch it. I'd like to lower her caffeine intake or up her dosage of Ritalin. Dramatically. But, then again, I guess watching her for an hour is more tolerable that an hour of Tyra. Does America really need a supermodel talk show host? Someone shoot me. Now.

5. After a couple of years of drinking fresh, locally-roasted coffee at Mayorga, Starbucks coffee tastes vaguely like sewer water. It's strange, as I'd been perfectly happy with Starbucks before discovering Mayorga. My niece Heather gave me a five pound bag of Starbucks beans when I was up in New Jersey for the wedding - broke coffee drinkers never pass up free beans. (To screw with a cliche - beggars can't have a... taster's choice. Har har. Yeah, I'm a laugh riot.) I ground up some of the beans this morning and made a small pot - and it's just not that tasty to me anymore. I've become so spoiled on Mayorga beans (which also have a distinctive "smoky" roast), this really does taste crappy. But, it's saving me moolah, so I'll stop bitching now.

6. P.G. County cops have been repeatedly caught on tape coercing suspect statements and ignoring requests for lawyers. Nice. God save me from ever having to live or work in P.G. County. I know a woman who has become a cop there. It's sad because her life prior to this assignment says a lot about how P.G. County recruits and background checks their police force: trashy, ignorant, and deeply troubled young woman who took pride in knocking boots with married security guards at our federal workplace and doing the skanky IT support guy on the conference room table in her office. Knocked up by one of her myriad boyfriends, and she vanished from work for days and weeks on end, calling in only to announce some mystery ailment. She has "will be looking for a DNA test on the Maury Show" tattoo'ed on her forehead, I swear. I wish her well, but I fear for the public she has sworn to protect. Go with god, P.G. County. Go with god.

Sweet jesus, I need a full-time job. Now.


Anonymous said...

Boy, may the "force be with you" as you change out your hard drive, normally I would say call the company and have a tech walk you through it, but knowing now how evil the company is, I can't recommend the mental abuse. So, my best wishes will go with you instead.

Wow, where to begin? In response to your random thoughts for the day:

1. "Secondhand Lions" - The "family" keeps all movies from me have the crying potential. I am a mess of person.

2. Yes, cherries really DO turn into alien life forms if left unattended to. Guilty as charged.

3. Being so out of the loop, I didn't even know there was such a thing as Coke Zero... yes, I would drive marketing companies wild, as I seem to tune out ALL commercials quite successfully. If it's like crack than, hey, I am going to give it a whirl.

4. Ellen DeGeneres is annoying. I can only watch small portions of her show at any given time. That, and I resent that she is incredibly thin - obviously she was short changed in the estrogen department. I am willing to send her some fat cells.

5. Being from the homeland of Starbucks, let me congratulate you on your enlightment. Yes, Virgina - there really ARE coffees that taste better than Starbucks. It's pretty easy to become a coffee elitist, isn't it? It's hard to pay for restaurant coffee once you have tasted coffee bean nirvana. But in desperate poor moments I have actually had to buy some Folgers to hold me over until payday. Sad, but true - don't tell anyone.

6. P.G. County cops. Alrighty then, sounds like they have a quality team there. I wonder how they feel about possible Axe Murderers? Hhmmmm? Have you applied? *rolling eyes* No doubt she heard about this opening during some of her - ummm recreational activities... But hey, I am sure they will ALL enjoy passing her around. She can be the department mascot, how lovely. Such class... I fear for the public too.


Anonymous said...

I lost a hard drive hack in May, with three years' worth of writings. I *so* feel your pain.

As for Sbx, same again. I live in Seattle, and I used to tell all my "anti-corporate" friend to "kiss my ass, I like Starbucks." Then, I started drinking from various indie shops & smaller chains. Holy fuck. I am amazed that they have the whole world fooled into believing that their coffee tastes good.