Monday, August 01, 2005

Well, that's disturbing.

There are a whole lot of interesting secrets revealed by folks via the wonders of PostSecret. However, this one sticks out in my mind as the weirdest one I've read recently:

WTF, dude?


Magazine Man said...

Okay, that just puts the "eep" in "creeps me out."

I had a boss who looked like a Civil War era soldier. Wore this awful lip-covering mustache and had that crazy look in his eyes that always seems to get captured in those types of photos.

Man, and I was just going to bed. Thanks for the nightmares! :-O

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's one secret that should have stayed a secret. The diversity of human turn-on's boggles the mind.

How exactly does one make that first connection between pictures of Civil War soldiers and a sexual response. Can we blame this on Margaret Mitchell? Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn, it's just creepy.

Merujo said...

You know, there are so many terrible secrets people have, but after years of watching Law & Order, many of them seem relatively mainstream in their shock value.

This one... man, it's just freaky.